Plant Ecology and Evolution 156-3

n°156-3 de 2023
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Jardin botanique Meise
Verkoop Publicaties Domein van Bouchout, Nieuwelaan 38 1860 MEISE BELGIQUE

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• The genus Malanea Aubl. (Rubiaceae) in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil
• The genera of Cyperaceae of Madagascar
• Johansenicoccus eremophilus gen. et sp. nov., a novel evolutionary lineage in Chlorophyceae with unusual genomic features
• Eulophia edwardii (Orchidaceae), a new species from the Pondoland Centre of Endemism in South Africa
• Vivipary, a rare phenomenon in Afrotropical Melastomataceae: first report in Amphiblemma ciliatum (Sonerileae)
• Leaf traits of understory woody species in the Congo Basin forests changed over a 60-year period
• Molecular phylogeny and character-mapping support the synonymy of Cordobia and Gallardoa in Mionandra (Malpighiaceae)
• Novelties in the genus Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae, Acalyphoideae): two new species from northern Madagascar
• A new Ypsilopus (Orchidaceae, Angraecinae) from Zimbabwe and notes on the parallel evolution of extreme column exsertion in African angraecoids
• A new purple-flowered Butia (Arecaceae) from the highlands of the Chapada dos Veadeiros (Brazil)
• Evolution of pollen grain morphology in Amorimia and allies evidences the importance of palynological apomorphies and homoplasies in Malpighiaceae systematics

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