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Molecular phylogenetics and morphology reveal the Plettkea lineage including several members of Arenaria and Pycnophyllopsis to be a clade of 21 South American species nested within Stellaria (Caryophyllaceae, Alsineae)
Daniel B. Montesinos-Tubée, Thomas Borsch
Willdenowia 53 (3), 115-148, (21 December 2023) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53301
KEYWORDS: Bolivia, molecular phylogeny, new species, Peru, Plettkea, Pycnophyllopsis, South America, Stellaria, taxonomic treatment, Bolivia, filogenia molecular, nuevas especies, Perú, Plettkea, Pycnophyllopsis, Stellaria, Sudamérica, tratamiento taxonómico

Checklist of Lycopodiopsida (clubmosses and quillworts) and Polypodiopsida (ferns) of Rwanda
Eberhard Fischer, Wolfram Lobin
Willdenowia 53 (3), 149-172, (10 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53302
KEYWORDS: central Africa, checklist, clubmosses, diversity, Endemism, ferns, Lycopodiopsida, Pleopeltis, Polypodiopsida, pteridological history, Quillworts, Rwanda

Danaea (Marattiaceae) keeps diversifying, part 1: eighteen new species
Venni Keskiniva, Hanna Tuomisto
Willdenowia 53 (3), 173-228, (22 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53303
KEYWORDS: Danaea, DNA diagnosis, ferns, Marattiaceae, Neotropics, new species, protologue, species descriptions, systematics, taxonomy

Danaea (Marattiaceae) keeps diversifying, part 2: phylogeny and identification key for 81 taxa
Venni Keskiniva, Hanna Tuomisto, Samuli Lehtonen
Willdenowia 53 (3), 229-255, (22 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53304
KEYWORDS: Danaea, ferns, Marattiaceae, multi-entry key, Neotropics, phylogenetic analyses, species identification, systematics, taxonomic revision

Principles governing F1 hybridization in the genera Aeonium and Greenovia in La Gomera, Canary Islands
Octavio Arango
Willdenowia 53 (3), 257-268, (23 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53305

Contribution to the functional flora of Greece: a case study in the northwestern Pindus Mountains
Anna Mastrogianni, Diogenis A. Kiziridis, Alexia Eleftheriadou, Margarita Paradisiotis, Magdalini Pleniou, Fotios Xystrakis, Spyros Tsiftsis, Ioannis Tsiripidis
Willdenowia 53 (3), 269-295, (26 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53306
KEYWORDS: CSR theory, functional trait database, Greece, life strategy, Pindus Mountains, plant taxa

An Unexpected Occurrence of Alyssum rossetii (Brassicaceae) in the Pyrenees, a New Species for the Spanish flora
Stanislav Španiel, Lenka Mártonfiová, Judita Zozomová-Lihová
Willdenowia 53 (3), 297-307, (29 January 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53307
KEYWORDS: Alyssum, Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, flow cytometry, genome size, ITS of nrDNA, new record, Pyrenees, rare species, Spain, trichome morphology

On the coexistence of taxonomic botanical databases – a user study
Annika Schrumpf, Marcel Killinger, Pascal Schiessle, Ansgar Scherp
Willdenowia 53 (3), 309-316, (1 February 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53308
KEYWORDS: checklists, coexistence, ITIS, Prototype, taxonomic databases, TPL, user study, WFO

Index to new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 53(3)
Willdenowia 53 (3), 317, (9 February 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53309

Index to typifications of names in Willdenowia 53(3)
Willdenowia 53 (3), 318, (9 February 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53310

Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 2022
Willdenowia 53 (3), 319, (9 February 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53311

Contents of Willdenowia 53
Willdenowia 53 (3), 320, (9 February 2024) doi.org/10.3372/wi.53.53312

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