Plant Ecology and Evolution (suite de Belgian Jornal of Botany)

n°149-2 de 2013
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la Société Royale de Belgique
Nationale Plantentuin van België
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Fungi from the roots of the terrestrial photosynthetic orchid Himantoglossum adriaticum
pp. 145-152(8)
Authors: Pecoraro, Lorenzo; Girlanda, Mariangela; Kull, Tiiu; Perini, Claudia; Perotto, Silvia

Free Content The response of epilithic diatom assemblages to sewage pollution in mountain streams of the Czech Republic
pp. 153-166(14)
Authors: Moravcová, Adéla; Rauch, Ota; Lukavský, Jaromír; Nedbalová, Linda

Free Content Functional variation of leaf succulence in a cold rainforest epiphyte
pp. 167-172(6)
Authors: Godoy, Oscar; Gianoli, Ernesto

Free Content Small-scale diversity of plant communities and distribution of species niches on a copper rock outcrop in Upper Katanga, D.R.Congo
pp. 173-182(10)
Authors: Ilunga wa Ilunga, Edouard; Séleck, Maxime; Colinet, Gilles; Faucon, Michel-Pierre; Meerts, Pierre; Mahy, Grégory

Free Content Germination capacity and seed storage behaviour of threatened metallophytes from the Katanga copper belt (D.R.Congo): implications for ex situ conservation
pp. 183-192(10)
Authors: Godefroid, Sandrine; Van de Vyver, Ann; Lebrun, Julie; Masengo Kalenga, Wilfried; Handjila Minengo, Guylain; Rose, Charles; Ngongo Luhembwe, Michel; Vanderborght, Thierry; Mahy, Grégory

Free Content Genetic and morphological variability among autochthonous Prunus spinosa populations in Flanders (northern part of Belgium): implications for seed sourcing
pp. 193-202(10)
Authors: Vander Mijnsbrugge, Kristine; Depypere, Leander; Chaerle, Peter; Goetghebeur, Paul; Breyne, Peter

Free Content Anna rubidiflora (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Guizhou, the southern part of China
pp. 203-211(9)
Authors: Wei, Yi-Gang; Wen, Fang; Zhao, Bo; He, Shun-Zhi

Free Content Systematic studies in the Gloriosa superba complex (Colchicaceae): a re-assessment of species boundaries
pp. 212-218(7)
Authors: Maroyi, Alfred; van den Berg, Ronald G.; van der Maesen, Jos

Free Content New and little-known Psychotria (Rubiaceae) from West Africa, and notes on litter-gathering angiosperms
pp. 219-233(15)
Authors: Lachenaud, Olivier; Jongkind, Carel

Free Content Neotropical Perenniporia: a new species, Perenniporia subovoidea, from Costa Rica, new records of little known species, and a key to the species with a resupinate basidiome
pp. 234-239(6)
Authors: Decock, Cony; Ryvarden, Leif

Free Content Lentinus cystidiatus sp. nov. (Polyporaceae): an African lentinoid fungus with an unusual combination of both skeleto-ligative hyphae and pleurocystidia
pp. 240-245(6)
Authors: Njouonkou, André-Ledoux; Watling, Roy; Degreef, Jérôme

Free Content Cola baldwinii (Malvaceae: Sterculioideae), a new forest tree species from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinée
pp. 246-249(4)
Author: Jongkind, Carel C.H.

Free Content Novitates Gabonenses 82. A new species of Mocquerysia (Achariaceae, formerly Flacourtiaceae) from Gabon
pp. 250-253(4)
Author: Breteler, Frans J.

Free Content Typification of the Linnaean name Trapa natans (Lythraceae)
pp. 254-255(2)
Author: Iamonico, Duilio

Free Content R.E. Gereau, A.R. Kajuni, T.R.B. Davenport, H.J. Ndangalasi (2012)

Lake Nyassa Climatic Region: Floristic Checklist
pp. 256-256(1)
Author: Robbrecht, Elmar

Free Content Origin and evolution of petals in angiosperms – Erratum
pp. 257-257(1)
Author: Ronse De Craene, Louis P.

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