Plant Ecology and Evolution 153-1

n°153-1 de 2020
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Niche conservatism in a plant with long invasion history: the case of the Peruvian peppertree (Schinus molle, Anacardiaceae) in Mexico
pp. 3-11(9)
Authors: Ramírez-Albores, Jorge E.; Bizama, Gustavo; Bustamante, Ramiro O.; Badano, Ernesto I.

Diversity of epiphyte ferns along an elevational gradient in El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, southern Mexico
pp. 12-21(10)
Authors: Jiménez-López, Derio A.; Martínez-Camilo, Rubén; Martínez-Meléndez, Nayely; Kessler, Michael

Vulnerability of pteridophytes to climate change and implications for their conservation in Togo (West Africa)
pp. 22-32(11)
Authors: Abotsi, Komla Elikplim; Kokou, Kouami; Rouhan, Germinal; Deblauwe, Vincent

Typology of the woody plant communities of the Ethiopian Nech Sar National Park and an assessment of vegetation-environment relations and human disturbance impacts
pp. 33-44(12)
Authors: Utaile, Yonas U.; Helsen, Kenny; Aydagnehum, Seyoum G.; Muys, Bart; Shibru, Simon C.; Honnay, Olivier

Lignicolous fungal assemblages and relationships with environment in broadleaved and mixed forests from the North-East Region of Romania
pp. 45-58(14)
Authors: Copoţ, Ovidiu; Mardari, Constantin; Bîrsan, Ciprian C.; Tănase, Cătălin C.

Dracula’s mistress: removal of blood-red floral nectar results in secretion of more nectar
pp. 59-66(8)
Authors: Mione, Thomas; Diaz, Isaac Argeo

The hyperdominant tropical tree Eschweilera coriacea (Lecythidaceae) shows higher genetic heterogeneity than sympatric Eschweilera species in French Guiana
pp. 67-81(15)
Authors: Heuertz, Myriam; Caron, Henri; Scotti-Saintagne, Caroline; Pétronelli, Pascal; Engel, Julien; Tysklind, Niklas; Miloudi, Sana; Gaiotto, Fernanda A.; Chave, Jérôme; Molino, Jean-François; Sabatier, Daniel; Loureiro, João; Budde, Katharina B.

New insights on spatial genetic structure and diversity of Coffea canephora (Rubiaceae) in Upper Guinea based on old herbaria
pp. 82-100(19)
Authors: Labouisse, Jean-Pierre; Cubry, Philippe; Austerlitz, Frédéric; Rivallan, Ronan; Nguyen, Hong Anh

Genetic structure and conservation status of Astragalus subrecognitus (Fabaceae): a very rare and narrow endemic species
pp. 101-107(7)
Authors: Bagheri, Ali; Abbasi, Shabnam; Mahmoodi, Mohammad; Roofigar, Azadeh Akhavan; Blattner, Frank R.

Notes on the plants of Bakossi, Cameroon, and the new Cola etugei and Cola kodminensis (Sterculiaceae s. str.)
pp. 108-119(12)
Authors: Cheek, Martin; Tchiengue, Barthelemy; Baldwin, Isabel

Plagiochila xerophila (Plagiochilaceae, Marchantiophyta) – a highly xerophilous new species from the Tibetan Spur (China)
pp. 120-131(12)
Authors: Bakalin, Vadim; Vilnet, Anna

New records for the flora of Angola: observations from Uíge and Cuanza Norte
pp. 132-142(11)
Authors: Lautenschläger, Thea; Neinhuis, Christoph; Heinze, Christin; Göhre, Anne; Monizi, Mawunu; Pedro, Macuntima; Mandombe, José L.; Bránquima, Makaya F.; Ditsch, Barbara

Eugen Warming’s Florula Lagoensis revisited: old lessons to new challenges
pp. 143-151(9)
Authors: Couto Moreira, Nayara; Stehmann, João R.

Miconia bahiana (Melastomataceae, Miconieae), a new species from semideciduous forest in Bahia, Brazil
pp. 152-159(8)
Authors: Goldenberg, Renato; Coelho de Jesus, Jôane; Amorim, André M.

Memecylon afroschismaticum sp. nov. (Melastomataceae–Olisbeoideae) endemic to the East African Rift region of Rwanda, Burundi and western Tanzania
pp. 160-166(7)
Author: Stone, Robert Douglas

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