Willdenowia 48-1

n°48-1 de 2018
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le Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem
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14195 BERLIN
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Taxonomic study on the Greek endemic genus Hymenonema (Asteraceae: Cichorieae), using morphological and karyological traitsEleni Liveri, Pepy Bareka and Georgia Kamari
pg(s) 5–21

A synopsis of Woodwardia (Blechnaceae) in Veracruz State, Mexico, and typification of W. spinulosaMónica Palacios-Rios and Marcelo D. Arana
pg(s) 23–28

Nomenclatural changes and typifications of Arctotis species (Asteraceae, Arctotideae) from the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa
Robert J. Mckenzie
pg(s) 29–49

The taxonomy and typification of Sedum creticum, and the curious protologue of S. ×donatae (Crassulaceae)
Joachim Thiede and Ray Stephenson
pg(s) 51–55

The herbarium of Ignaz Dörfler in Berlin
Robert Vogt, Hans Walter Lack and Thomas Raus
pg(s) 57–92

Drosera xerophila (Droseraceae), a new species from Overberg District, South Africa, and an overview of the rosetted hemicryptophyte sundew species from Western Cape Province
Andreas Fleischmann
pg(s) 93–107

Two new species of Marsdenia (Apocynaceae) from limestone outcrops in BrazilFabio Da Silva Do Espírito Santo, Cássia Bitencourt, Patrícia Luz Ribeiro and Alessandro Rapini
pg(s) 109–116

Taxonomic, nomenclatural and chorological reports on Carex (Cyperaceae) in the NeotropicsPedro Jiménez-Mejías, Mark Strong, Sebastian Gebauer, Andreas Hilpold, Santiago Martín-Bravo and Anton A. Reznicek
pg(s) 117–124

The naming and typification of the breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis, and breadnut, A. camansi (Moraceae)
P. Pablo Ferrer-Gallego and Fernando Boisset
pg(s) 125–135 

Multivariate morphometric analysis of Petrorhagia subsect. Saxifragae (Caryophyllaceae) in Greece, with a new species from SE Peloponnisos: P. laconica
Panayiotis Trigas, Konstantinos Kougioumoutzis, Aikaterini Ermidou and Eleftherios Kalpoutzakis
pg(s) 137–146

Gerhard Wagenitz (1927–2017
Hans Walter Lack and Volker Wissemann
pg(s) 147–16