Plant Ecology and Evolution 155-2

n°155-2 de 2022
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On the occasion of its 160 th birthday, Plant Ecology and Evolution gets a makeover

The breeding system of Hyacinthoides non-scripta (Asparagaceae): assessing the role of geitonogamy with captive pollinators

Flora and fire in an old-growth Central African forest-savanna mosaic: a checklist of the Parc National des Plateaux Batéké (Gabon)

Phenological patterns of herbaceous Mediterranean plant communities in spring: is there a difference between native and formerly-cultivated grasslands?

Three new Achnanthidium (Bacillariophyceae) species from Lake Salda (Anatolia, Turkey), a deep soda lake

Medicinal Vitex species (Lamiaceae) occupy different niches in Haut-Katanga tropical dry woodlands

Impatiens smetsiana, another example of convergent evolution of flower morphology in Impatiens

The fate of Holoregmia, a monospecific genus endemic to the Brazilian Caatinga, under different future climate scenarios

Revision of Carapichea (Rubiaceae-Psychotrieae) in the Guianas, with two new combinations and transfer of three species to Notopleura

Nuclear ribosomal phylogeny of Brachystegia: new markers for new insights about rain forests and Miombo woodlands evolution

Leaf morphospace in Euphorbia tithymaloides (Euphorbiaceae) was likely shaped by evolutionary contingencies rather than climate
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