Plant Ecology and Evolution 155-1

n°155-1 de 2022
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Jardin botanique Meise
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1860 MEISE
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How large-scale geographic factors affect the different dimensions of functional diversity: evidence from the beech forest herb layer (Apennines, Italy)

Reproductive biology and flower-visitor interactions of two bromeliad species from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Morphometric analysis provides evidence for two traditionally defined species of the Tillandsia erubescens complex (Bromeliaceae)

Monophyly and transoceanic dispersal in the widespread floating club-rush clade, Isolepis subgenus Fluitantes (Cyperaceae)

Seed morphology of Hamelieae with emphasis on the Deppea complex (Cinchonoideae, Rubiaceae)

Diversity and habitat preferences of benthic diatoms from South Bay (Livingston Island, Antarctica)

Taxonomic and biogeographical analysis of diatom assemblages from historic bryophyte samples from Campbell Island (sub-Antarctic)

Unravelling the diversity of the lichen genus Porina (Porinaceae) in Mauritius

New and little-known species of Englerodendron (Leguminosae-Detarioideae) from Central Africa, with a revised key to the genus

Mitracarpus semirianus (Spermacoceae, Rubiaceae), an overlooked new species from the “campo rupestre” of Bahia, northeastern Brazil, with notes on Mitracarpus lhotzkyanus
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