Plant Ecology and Evolution 151-3

n°151-3 de 2018
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An experimentally introduced population of Brassica rapa(Brassicaceae). 2. Rapid evolution of phenotypic traits
pp. 293-302(10)
Authors: Sekor, Michael R.; Franks, Steven J.

The role of climate on floristic composition in a latitudinal gradient in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
pp. 303-313(11)
Authors: Prata, Eduardo Magalhães Borges; Teixeira, Aloysio de Pádua; Joly, Carlos Alfredo; Assis, Marco Antonio

Habitat requirements and germination performance of some relict populations of Ligularia sibirica (Asteraceae) from Romania
pp. 314-326(13)
Authors: Cîşlariu, Alina G.; Mânzu, Ciprian C.; Zamfirache, Maria M.

Phylogenetic position of Synarthonia (lichenized Ascomycota, Arthoniaceae), with the description of six new species
pp. 327-351(25)
Authors: Van den Broeck, Dries; Frisch, Andreas; Razafindrahaja, Tahina; Van de Vijver, Bart; Ertz, Damien

Revision of the African genus Crotonogyne (Euphorbiaceae)
pp. 352-379(28)
Author: Breteler, Frans J.

Synopsis of the genus Vitex (Lamiaceae) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
pp. 380-392(13)
Author: Meerts, Pierre

Novitates Gabonenses 88: additions to the flora of Gabon and new records of little-known species
pp. 393-422(30)
Authors: Lachenaud, Olivier; Stévart, Tariq; Boupoya, Archange; Texier, Nicolas; Dauby, Gilles; Bidault, Ehoarn

Wrongly identified material of Davilla macrocarpa (Dilleniaceae) represents two new species from Brazil
pp. 423-433(11)
Authors: de Fraga, Claudio Nicoletti; Stehmann, João Renato

Notes on the endemic plant species of the Ebo Forest, Cameroon, and the new, Critically Endangered, Palisota ebo (Commelinaceae)
pp. 434-441(8)
Authors: Cheek, Martin; Prenner, Gerhard; Tchiengué, Barthélemy; Faden, Robert B.

Ixora kalehensis, a new Rubiaceae species from the Democratic Republic of the Congo
pp. 442-448(7)
Author: De Block, Petra