Plant Ecology and Evolution 151-2

n°151-2 de 2018
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Diversification of Galianthe species (Rubiaceae) in the Neotropical seasonally dry forests: a case study of a mainly subshrubby genus
pp. 161-174(14)
Authors: Florentín, Javier E.; Arana, Marcelo D.; Prado, Darién E.; Morrone, Juan J.; Salas, Roberto M.

Edaphic characterization of coastal Western Mediterranean Limonium (Plumbaginaceae)
pp. 175-184(10)
Authors: Llorens, Leonardo; Gil, Lorenzo; Boira, Herminio

Assessment of plant species diversity associated with the carob tree ( Ceratonia siliqua, Fabaceae) at the Mediterranean scale
pp. 185-193(9)
Authors: Baumel, Alex; Mirleau, Pascal; Viruel, Juan; Bou Dagher Kharrat, Magda; La Malfa, Stefano; Ouahmane, Lahcen; Diadema, Katia; Moakhar, Marwa; Sanguin, Hervé; Médail, Frédéric

Dispersal traits in the hyper-arid hot desert of the United Arab Emirates
pp. 194-208(15)
Authors: Shabana, Hatem A.; Navarro, Teresa; El-Keblawy, Ali

An experimentally introduced population of Brassica rapa(Brassicaceae). 1. Phenotypic selection over three years following colonization of a novel environment
pp. 209-218(10)
Authors: Sekor, Michael R.; Franks, Steven J.

Stem anatomy at various developmental stages of secondary growth in Turbina corymbosa (Convolvulaceae)
pp. 219-230(12)
Authors: Lekhak, Manoj M.; Gondaliya, Amit D.; Yadav, Shrirang R.; Rajput, Kishore S.

The first report of composition and occurrence of myxomycete assemblages in protected and unprotected plantation forests: a comparative study in Thai Nguyen City, Northern Vietnam
pp. 231-240(10)
Authors: Redeña-Santos, John Carlo; Van Thao, Duong; Schnittler, Martin; Dagamac, Nikki Heherson A.

The genus Cola (Malvaceae) in Cameroon’s Korup National Park, with two novelties
pp. 241-251(11)
Authors: Kenfack, David; Sainge, Moses N.; Chuyong, George B.; Thomas, Duncan W.

Taxonomy, palynology, and seed morphology of Paepalanthus decumbens, a new species of Eriocaulaceae from Minas Gerais, Brazil
pp. 252-261(10)
Authors: Trovó, Marcelo; Picanço, Wellerson L.; Gonçalves-Esteves, Vânia

Amanita dulciodora (Amanitaceae, Basidiomycota), a striking new species of Amanita section Lepidella from Northeast Brazil
pp. 262-270(9)
Authors: Nascimento, Cristiano C.; Sá, Mariana C.A.; Bezerra, José Luiz; Wartchow, Felipe

Field frequency and pattern of inheritance of the herbivory-defence trait “resistance-by-ducking” in the giant goldenrod ( Solidago gigantea, Asteraceae)
pp. 271-277(7)
Author: Wise, Michael J.

Factors affecting the local distribution of Polystigma rubrum stromata on Prunus spinosa
pp. 278-283(6)
Authors: Roberts, Hattie R.; Pidcock, Sara E.; Redhead, Sky C.; Richards, Emily; O’Shaughnessy, Kevin; Douglas, Brian; Griffith, Gareth W.

The usefulness of aerobiological methods in monitoring lycopod sporulation
pp. 284-289(6)
Authors: Śliwińska-Wyrzychowska, Anna; Chłopek, Kazimiera; Gola, Edyta M.; Bogdanowicz, Monika

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