Plant Ecology and Evolution 150-2

n°150-2 de 2017
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Foxes provide a direct dispersal service to Phoenician junipers in Mediterranean coastal environments: ecological and evolutionary implications
pp. 117-128(12)
Authors: Farris, Emmanuele; Canopoli, Luisa; Cucca, Elisabetta; Landi, Sara; Maccioni, Alfredo; Filigheddu, Rossella

Biomass and clonal architecture of the cordgrass Spartina patens (Poaceae) as an invasive species in two contrasted coastal habitats on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula
pp. 129-138(10)
Authors: Castillo, Jesús M.; Leira-Doce, Pablo; Figueroa, Enrique

Beyond pollinators: evolution of floral architecture with environment across the wild sunflowers (Helianthus, Asteraceae)
pp. 139-150(12)
Authors: Mason, Chase M.; Patel, Hiral S.; Davis, Kaleigh E.; Donovan, Lisa A.

Relationships between flora biodiversity, soil physiochemical properties, and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) diversity in a semi-arid forest
pp. 151-159(9)
Authors: Mirzaei, Javad; Moradi, Mostafa

Hymenochaetaceae (Hymenochaetales) from the Guineo-Congolian phytochorion: Phylloporia littoralis sp. nov. from coastal vegetation in Gabon, with an identification key to the local species
pp. 160-172(13)
Authors: Yombiyeni, Prudence; Decock, Cony

Taxonomic revision of the African genera Brieya and Piptostigma (Annonaceae)
pp. 173-216(44)
Authors: Ghogue, Jean-Paul; Sonké, Bonaventure; Couvreur, Thomas L.P.

Two new species of Diospyros (Ebenaceae) from Central Africa
pp. 217-224(8)
Authors: Lachenaud, Olivier; Schatz, George E.; Dauby, Gilles; Stévart, Tariq

F. Malaisse, M. Schaijes & C. D’Outreligne (2016)
Copper-Cobalt Flora of Upper Katanga and Copperbelt: Field Guide. Over 400 plants, 1,000 photographs and 500 drawings
pp. 225-226(2)
Author: Godefroid, Sandrine

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