Plant Ecology and Evolution 150-1

n°150-1 de 2017
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la Jardin botanique Meise
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Wild plants and their habitats
pp. 3-3(1)
Author: Robbrecht, Elmar

Preserving the only endemic vascular plant taxon in Belgium in a highly anthropogenic landscape
pp. 4-12(9)
Authors: Van Rossum, Fabienne; Michez, Denis; Van der Beeten, Iris; Van de Vyver, Ann; Robb, Lindsay; Raspé, Olivier

Modern vegetation at the Klasies River archaeological sites, Tsitsikamma coast, south-eastern Cape, South Africa: a reference collection
pp. 13-34(22)
Authors: van Wijk, Yvette; Tusenius, Madelon L.; Rust, Renee; Cowling, Richard M.; Wurz, Sarah

Soil chemical properties and plant species diversity along a rainfall gradient in semi-arid grassland of South Africa
pp. 35-44(10)
Authors: Dingaan, Mamokete N.V.; Tsubo, Mitsuru; Walker, Sue; Newby, Terry

Elucidating woody vegetation patterns in relation to soil and topography in tropical Africa: the case of Nech Sar National Park (Ethiopia)
pp. 45-58(14)
Authors: Shetie, Gatew M.; Dondeyne, Stefaan; Nyssen, Jan; Vancampenhout, Karen; Deckers, Jozef

High autonomous selfing capacity and low flower visitation rates in a subalpine population of Prunella vulgaris (Lamiaceae)
pp. 59-66(8)
Authors: Ling, Tial C.; Wang, Lin-Lin; Zhang, Zhi-Qiang; Dafni, Amots; Duan, Yuan-Wen; Yang, Yong-Ping

Establishment of a natural floral variant of Shepherd’s purse in the wild: analysis of life-history traits in ‘Capsella apetala’ (Brassicaceae)
pp. 67-75(9)
Authors: Hameister, Steffen; Neuffer, Barbara

Morphometric analysis of Milla biflora (Asparagaceae: Brodieaoideae), with an identification key for Milla
pp. 76-86(11)
Authors: Gutiérrez, Jorge; Terrazas, Teresa; Luna-Vega, Isolda

Straddling the Mozambique Channel: molecular evidence for two major clades of Afro-Malagasy Schefflera (Araliaceae) co-occurring in Africa and Madagascar
pp. 87-108(22)
Authors: Gostel, Morgan R.; Plunkett, Gregory M.; Lowry II, Porter P.

Self-irrigation in the desert rhubarb Rheum palaestinum – a response to Khammash
pp. 109-111(3)
Authors: Lev-Yadun, Simcha; Katzir, Gadi; Ne’eman, Gidi

Variability of stem morphology in Lycopodium clavatum (Lycopodiaceae) is not related to ploidy level
pp. 112-115(4)
Authors: Śliwińska-Wyrzychowska, Anna; Je¸drzejczyk, Iwona; Golczyk, Hieronim

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