Plant Ecology and Evolution 149-3

n°149-3 de 2016
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Functional patterns and species diversity of epiphytic vascular spore-producing plants in riparian forests with different vegetation structure from southern Brazil
pp. 261-271(11)
Authors: Rocha-Uriartt, Ledyane; Becker, Diego F.P.; Graeff, Vanessa; Koch, Natália M.; Schmitt, Jairo L.

Flowering while leafless in the seasonal tropics need not be cued by leaf drop: evidence from the woody genus Brachychiton (Malvaceae)
pp. 272-279(8)
Author: Franklin, Donald C.

Evaluation of genetic differentiation of autochthonous sloe (Prunus spinosa, Rosaceae) populations across Germany using molecular markers
pp. 280-290(11)
Authors: Eimert, Klaus; Hüwe, Ulrike; Rückert, Franz-Emil

New and interesting Eunotia (Bacillariophya) taxa from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tropical central Africa
pp. 291-307(17)
Authors: Taylor, Jonathan C.; Cocquyt, Christine; Mayama, Shigeki

Supplement to the “Catalogue of Brazilian plants collected by Prince Maximilian of Wied”
pp. 308-315(8)
Authors: De Moraes, Pedro L.R.; De Smedt, Sofie; Esser, Hans-Joachim

Observations of insect visitors to Price’s Potato Bean (Apios priceana, Fabaceae) in North Alabama, USA
pp. 316-318(3)
Authors: Campbell, Joshua W.; Campbell, Brittany E.; Kimmel, Chase B.; Galvan, Paula

Floral scent and flower visitors of three green-flowered Costa Rican and Panamanian Blakea species (Melastomataceae) indicate birds rather than rodents as pollinators
pp. 319-328(10)
Authors: Wester, Petra; Filla, Marc; Lunau, Klaus

Abundance and diversity of lianas in a Neotropical dry forest: the influence of soil moisture
pp. 329-334(6)
Authors: Rodríguez-Quintero, W. David; Gianoli, Ernesto

Genome fingerprinting confirms the species status of the Loosestrifes Lysimachia punctata and L. verticillata (Primulaceae)
pp. 335-338(4)
Authors: Triponez, Yann; Şepitci, Begüm; Alvarez, Nadir

A new species of Chlorophytum (Asparagaceae) from the succulent Karoo biome, Namibia – with an updated key for Chlorophytum of Namibia
pp. 339-346(8)
Authors: Kativu, Shakkie; Bjorå, Charlotte S.

Bituminaria plumosa (Fabaceae), a critical species of the Croatian flora
pp. 347-355(9)
Authors: Bogdanović, Sandro; Brullo, Cristian; Brullo, Salvatore; Ljubičić, Ivica; Galdo, Gianpietro Giusso del

Taxonomic novelties in Central African grasses (Poaceae), Paniceae 1
pp. 356-365(10)
Author: Sosef, Marc S.M.

M.M.J. van Balgooy, Y.W. Low & K.M. Wong (2015) Spot-characters for the Identification of Malesian Seed Plants: A Guide
pp. 366-367(2)
Author: Sosef, Marc S.M.