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n°76-1 de 2021
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ATALAHY, A.M., F. RAKOTONASOLO, M. RABARIMANARIVO, H.L.T. RANARIJAONA & S.G. RAZAFIMANDIMBISON – New species of the genus Pyrostria (Rubiaceae, Vanguerieae) from Madagascar – Nouvelles espèces du genre Pyrostria (Rubiaceae, Vanguerieae) de Madagascar

DELPRETE, P.G., C.M. TAYLOR & T.D. MCDOWELL – The identity of the long-overlooked Ronabea morindoides and Patabea tenuiflora, synonymous with a species of Appunia (Rubiaceae)

DOWE, J.L. & D.R. HODEL – Taxonomy and nomenclature of four unresolved names published by Udo Dammer in the genus Chamaedorea (Arecaceae)

FIGUEIREDO, E. & G.F. SMITH – Joaquim José da Silva (c. 1755–1810): his life, natural history collecting activities, and involvement in the so-called first scientific expedition in the interior of Angola

GARDÈRE, M.L., J. FLORENCE, S. MULLER, Y. SAVRIAMA & J.-Y. DUBUISSON – Codonographia Gorgonum, or the description of a pleiad of bellflowers (Campanula, Campanulaceae) from the Cabo Verde archipelago

GRADSTEIN, S.R. & Á.J. PÉREZ – In the footsteps of Michel Allioni: Liverworts and hornworts from the surroundings of Gualaquiza (Ecuador)

KAINULAINEN, K – A taxonomic revision of Melanoxerus (Rubiaceae), with descriptions of three new species of trees from Madagascar

KLEIN, D.-P., R. SHTEIN, L. NUSBAUMER & M.W. CALLMANDER – Kalanchoe darainensis (Crassulaceae), a new species from northeastern Madagascar

LACK, H.W., K. BÖHME & M.W. CALLMANDER – Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle’s L’Heritier Reliquiae: A volume of miscellaneous prints kept in Geneva

MOSYAKIN, S.L. & J.R. BROCK – On the proper type designation for Camelina microcarpa, a wild relative and possible progenitor of the crop species C. sativa (Brassicaceae)

MURILLO-SERNA, J.S., F.J. ROLDÁN-PALACIO, I. CARMONA-GALLEGO & F. ALZATE – A new species of Aetanthus (Loranthaceae) from Colombia with notes on A. engelsii

PIGNAL, M., C. LAUDEREAU & P.-L. LAUDEREAU – Notes on Bulbophyllum sect. Pelma (Orchidaceae) in New Caledonia – Notes sur Bulbophyllum sect. Pelma (Orchidaceae) en Nouvelle-Calédonie

RÄTZEL, S., R. HAND, C.S. CHRISTODOULOU & H. UHLICH – Phelipanche chionistrae (Orobanchaceae): a new holoparasitic species from Cyprus

RESMI, S., S. NAMPY & P.F. AKSHATRA – Sonerila konkanensis (Melastomataceae), a new species from South Goa, India

Notes on the flora of Madagascar, 57
ROBERT, Y., H. THOMAS, J.M. TAMON & G. ROUHAN – Discovery in La Reunion Island of Elaphoglossum multisquamosum (Dryopteridaceae), known so far as endemic to Madagascar – Découverte à La Réunion de Elaphoglossum multisquamosum (Dryopteridaceae), connue jusqu’alors comme endémique de Madagascar
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