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A revision of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae): the species of Madagascar and the Mascarene islands
David M. Johnson, Nancy A. Murray
42(1), 1-88, (5 February 2020)
KEYWORDS: Xylopia, pantropical Annonaceae, Madagascar, Mascarene, islands, long-distance dispersal, bird/lemur dispersal, microendemism, conservation, Lectotypification, new species

Scilla hakkariensis, sp. nov. (Asparagaceae: Scilloideae): a new species of Scilla L. from Hakkari (eastern Anatolia)
Mehmet Firat, Hasan Yildirim
42(2), 89-94, (24 February 2020)
KEYWORDS: Asparagaceae, Hakkari, Scilla, new species, .

Notes on the genus Echinops L. (Asteraceae) in SE Europe
Fabio Conti, Dieter Reich, Walter Gutermann
42(3), 95-104, (2 March 2020)
KEYWORDS: Albania, Greece, Italy, Asteraceae, Lectotypification

A revision of Cinnadenia Kosterm. (Lauraceae)
Rogier P. J. De Kok, Seda Sengun
42(4), 105-112, (9 March 2020)
KEYWORDS: Lauraceae, Cinnadenia, Asia, Lectotypification, new combination

Studies on the genus Capparis L. (Capparaceae) in Lao PDR. V: A new species from limestones of the Luang Prabang Province
Silvio Fici, Keooudone Souvannakhoummane
42(5), 113-118, (16 March 2020)
KEYWORDS: Capparaceae, Capparis, Lao PDR, sect. Monostichocalyx, new species

Psychotria niauensis sp. nov. (Rubiaceae), espèce calcicole endémique de la Polynésie française, décrite de l’atoll soulevé de Niau (Tuamotu)
Jean-François Butaud, Jacques Florence
42(6), 119-130, (30 March 2020)
KEYWORDS: Psychotria, Pacifique, Polynésie française, Tuamotu, atoll, calcaire, conservation, inventaire botanique, espèce nouvelle

Adansonia, sér. 3, 42 (7). Corrigendum. A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae)
Neil Snow
42(7), 131, (23 July 2020)

A revision of New Caledonian Gossia N. Snow & Guymer (Myrtaceae)
Neil Snow
42(7), 131-177, (27 April 2020)
KEYWORDS: New Caledonia, Myrtaceae, conservation, Lectotypification, new combinations, new subspecies, new species

Gymnosiphon mayottensis Cheek, sp. nov. (Burmanniaceae) a new species from Mayotte, Comoro Islands
Martin Cheek, Sébastien Traclet
42(8), 179-188, (25 May 2020)
KEYWORDS: Achlorophyllous, mycotrophs, Africa, Madagascar, saprophytes, threatened, new species

Taxonomic studies of Diospyros L. (Ebenaceae) from the Malagasy region. IV. Synoptic revision of the Squamosa group in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
George E. Schatz, Porter P. Lowry II
42(10), 201-218, (20 July 2020)
KEYWORDS: EBENACEAE, Diospyros, Madagascar, Comoros, Mayotte, Endemism, conservation status, Lectotypification, new synonyms, new species

Une espèce nouvelle du genre Dendrobium Sw. (Orchidaceae) de Nouvelle-Calédonie et une clé pour la section Kinetochilus Schltr.
Marc Pignal, Christian Laudereau, Pierre-Louis Laudereau
42(9), 189-200, (22 June 2020)
KEYWORDS: conservation, Nouvelle-Calédonie, ORCHIDACEAE, architecture des plantes, Lectotypification, espèce nouvelle

Typification of two accepted names and one synonym in the genus Nepeta L.
Anand Kumar, Onkar Nath Maurya
42(11), 219-225, (31 August 2020)
KEYWORDS: India, Glechoma, Nepeta, superfluous names, Lectotypification, neotypification

Structural and histochemical characterization of the osmophores in corollas of Asteraceae (tribes Onoserideae and Famatinantheae)
Liliana Katinas, Marcelo P. Hernández, Gisela Sancho
42(12), 227-239, (14 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: Anatomy, Asteraceae, Compositae, Histochemistry, osmophore, scent production, secretory structures

Gender expression in Sedum praealtum A. DC. (Crassulaceae) in Central Veracruz, Mexico
Angélica María Hernández-Ramírez
42(13), 241-247, (21 September 2020)
KEYWORDS: dichogamy, incomplete protandry, sexual-phase, sex ratio, stonecrop

On the identity of Cyperus permacer (Cyperaceae) in West Africa
Filip Verloove, Jane Browning, Attila Mesterházy
42(14), 249-254, (5 October 2020)
KEYWORDS: CYPERACEAE, Cyperus, tropical West Africa

Typification of three Iraqi endemic taxa of Centaurea L. (Asteraceae, Cardueae)
Kazem Negaresh
42(15), 255-260, (19 October 2020)
KEYWORDS: Asteraceae, Centaurea, Iraq, Endemism, lectotypifications

Terminalia carinata Sabatier & J.Engel, sp. nov. (Combretaceae), a new large tree species from the Guiana shield revealed by re-examination of material previously identified as T. guyanensis Eichler
Julien Engel, Daniel Sabatier
42(16), 261-271, (2 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: Guiana Shield, French Guiana, Combretaceae, conservation assessment, new species

New insights into the distribution and variation of Passiflora cerasina Annonay & Feuillet
Maxime Rome, Geo Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge
42(17), 273-278, (23 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: Passifloraceae, subgenus Passiflora, series Laurifoliae, French Guiana, Suriname, neotypification

New molecular and morphological evidences favor a combination of Blechnum bakeri C.Chr. in Cranfillia Gasper & V.A.O.Dittrich (Blechnaceae, Polypodiopsida), thus extending the distribution of Cranfillia to Madagascar and East Africa
Lucie Bauret, Rubén Vázquez, Sonia Molino, Myriam Gaudeul, France Rakotondrainibe, André Luís de Gasper, Germinal Rouhan
42(18), 279-289, (30 November 2020)
KEYWORDS: pteridophytes, ferns, Cranfillia, Austroblechnum, Africa, Madagascar, spores, new combination, Lectotypification

Critical notes on Spiradiclis purpureocaerulea H. S. Lo (Rubiaceae) from Vietnam
Yi-Hua Tong, Nian-He Xia, Lei Wu, Tien Chinh Vu
42(19), 291-296, (14 December 2020)
KEYWORDS: misidentification, Vietnam, new records

Analyses d’ouvrages/Book reviews
Thierry Deroin
42(20), 297-302, (21 December 2020)

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